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Singapore Beverage Nepal

The concept of a quality product made in Nepal is almost obsolete when it comes to non-basic products. We all have, over the years, so rigidly convinced ourselves that if anything is ‘Made in Nepal’, it’s of inferior quality, or inferior technology, or inferior taste, and so on. Nepal is so much dependent on imports that we no longer trust our native products. We need cars made in America or Japan, machines made in Germany, but we have the least trust in our local product. As soon as we see a local product, we deem it as a ‘local’ product. It’s not always necessary that a local product has to be inferior. We understand that not all local products are good, but not all are bad too. This thought of school needs to change.

Singapore Beverages aims to change that!!

Message From Director

Message From Director
We at Singapore beverages Nepal believes in hard work, dedication and willpower which will help to showcase ourselves as one of the best beverage company in the globe. Jeeru is like any other ordinary soft drink, just that it not ordinary it completely unique and taste is beyond comparison. Jeeru as well other Singapore beverage product’s such as: London Dry (Tonic Water), Club Soda, Monsoon Dew, Club Cola, Fancy, Right have won Nepalese heart. We are confident that Jeeru as well as our other products will become one of the driving forces in Nepalese economy and highlight Nepal’s name in time to come. Nepal doesn’t need an American or German company to come to Nepal, Nepal needs a Nepalese company working in America and Germany; this is possible. We have talent we just need to showcase it.


To Provide Quality Nepalese product across the world


To highlight the quality of Nepal born products and provide international quality products to the society at a reasonable cost helping Nepal be more independent.